School Wellness Committee & Policy

The Local School Wellness Committee (LSWC) usually meets with online meetings via email. We welcome anyone who wants to participate to join, just let me know. We also advertise the committee and announce meetings on social media.

3.15.24 Meeting Open - Update of Local School Wellness Policy

Your District's Scorecard

Congratulations! You have completed the WellSAT. Check out your scorecard below. It contains details of how you scored on each item and section of the assessment. It also provides resources that will help you improve your district’s school wellness policy.

Items with a rating of “0” (item not addressed in the policy) or “1” (general or weak statement addressing the item) can be improved by referring to the resource links next to the items. Multiple resources addressing school wellness policy topics are available online. To avoid duplicative information, we have included a small selection, rather than a comprehensive listing.

Version: 3.0 Policy Name: 6700P Nutrition Health & Physical Education.

View the full assessment here.

Graph showing 88% Compliance